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Get cleaner, better water in a matter of days.

From better tasting water to lower energy bills and higher performing
appliances, you’d be surprised at how many ways an EcoWater
filtration or softening system can improve your life.



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Where our water comes from?

Los Angeles EcoWater takes a step-by-step approach in helping you get clean, healthy water from your taps. First, it’s best to understand where your water comes from and what’s in it. Having to service a very large population, drinking water in Southern California comes from many different natural and municipal sources. Each of these sources comes with its own particularities.

Why Water Source Matters

Although pure at the source, surface water, like rivers and snowmelt, absorbs contaminants as it travels. Although they are natural biomaterials and minerals, these can be unhealthy, making the water unfit for human consumption. This problem worsens in the warm season when growing temperatures lead to algal blooms and favor microorganism growth.


Due to filtration issues, groundwater reaches your household as hard water, water that is high in mineral content. This water is also treated with chlorine to kill parasites, bacteria, and viruses. These will cause sediment build-up on faucets and fixtures and will considerably shorten the lifespan of your plumbing and household appliances that use water, like your washing machine, dishwasher, blender, or coffee maker. This water will also have that distinct chlorine smell and taste.

How Los Angeles EcoWater Can Help

First, we will assess, free of charge, your water source, and its composition. Then we will determine what is the best water treatment system for your home, taking into consideration both your water and your household needs, based on your consumption habits and preferences. 


For instance, some people live in brine-restricted areas (a common water softener). In this case, we would recommend a salt-free anti-scale system. Moreover, we can recommend a remineralizing alkaline filter to raise the pH to optimal levels and reintroduce good minerals after the filtration.


We have water filtering and treatment solutions for every situation and household and are committed to finding the best alternative for you. You will immediately start tasting better drinking water and more delicious cooked meals, coffee, and tea. You will save money on bills, maintenance, and purchases, with plumbing and appliances now having improved lifespans.

Our Mission

Our mission at Los Angeles EcoWater is to provide the residents of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties with quality water that is safe and healthy to drink and friendly with appliances, plumbing, and clothing. Our experts will be more than happy to do a free water quality test at your house and then consult with you and see which water treatment solution is a perfect fit for your needs.

Looking to the Future

As Southern California will face more significant challenges of water sourcing due to intensifying droughts brought on by climate change, meaning rivers and aquifers will become more unreliable, cities will start looking for even more diverse water sources. This means that professional and reliable water filtration will become a necessity in every household.


Water filtration addresses not only personal consumption and household concerns but environmental ones as well. We are well aware of the strain that bottled water consumption is putting on our planet, as it takes up to 1,000 years for one bottle to decompose, and 80% of plastic water bottles end up in landfills. In the United States alone, landfills are overflowing with over two million tons of empty water bottles.


A water filtration system is an investment for your home but also for the future.


Experienced Professionals

From our consultants to our installers, all of our staff goes through rigorous training to ensure you will be 100% satisfied.

Flexible Scheduling

Whether you are getting an in-home consolation or your system installed. We make sure to fit your schedule with minimum interference.

Advanced Products

From AI technology to smartphone connectivity. You can be sure that you water softening system is working efficiently

Extra Care

We make sure to take things one step further. From face masks and shoe coverings. We make sure to keep you and your home safe.


"Tal came on the day of the consultation appointment. He gave us a thorough introduction and explanation of their products. He's professional, very friendly and courteous. He arranged everything to be done in a snap of fingers. The Installation appointment was just a few days later, and only took a few hours! The technicians were very respectful of our home and got everything done efficiently and beautifully."

Lin-San C.

“Gotta give a 5 star due to the experience I had with ROBERT the eco water technician who came out to my home today. He was nice and really took the time to explain the water softening machine to me and all the settings. We also went ahead and tested our water before and after and got filters changed out. I really appreciate his readiness to work and friendly attitude."

Marina G.

“I was so pleasantly surprised by my interaction today. Robert arrived with a mask and foot covers, greeted my ferocious-sounding, barking dog and made friends with her, and proceeded to explain patiently the step-by-step way to switch out the filters and membrane on my reverse osmosis system so I can do it myself next time. Joey was his assistant and was also courteous and professional. Can't say enough about how impressed I was.”

Jennifer C.


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